Part of our job is to make partnerships with existing churches and evangelical groups in and around Naples. This past month Paul has been traveling and meeting some great men who are part of a core group of leaders from different groups or churches in the city who are focused on evangelism and outreach.

Last Saturday he met the leaders from the university ministry and on Thursday he and Cortney and Grace will be helping pass out bibles at the university. This is a great connection because Cortney and Grace are working with university students.

Paul also met a man named Patrizio who goes to a church fairly close to our house. He and his family are doing great work in the city and seem excited to work with us.

This Saturday there is a meeting of the group called Generazione senza confini (generation without limits). They will be showing videos of Nicola Legrottaglie, a Christian soccer player, and Natalie Cole, along with several others. What’s the message going to be about? Heaven or hell.

So what does all this mean? It means that we are not alone in Naples. It means that we can work with other people to reach more people. It means there are more people thinking of ways to help Neopolitans. It means that there is great work happening in Naples.

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