An Honest Monologue about Criticism

I have to be honest….in the past I have been rather critical of mothers. I could not understand why women I knew stopped doing the things they did before they became mothers. “Can’t you just make the time to work out, go out with your friends, clean your house, etc,” were my thoughts. I would even try to give advice to these women. I also did this to women who were married when I wasn’t married.

I would think to myself, “I will never be like that” or “I will never do that.”

Now I realize how conceited and self-righteous and arrogant I was. What in the world was I thinking giving advice to people when I had never walked in their shoes? I realize now why mothers don’t have time to clean the house or hang out with friends a lot or go shopping or anything else they used to do. I realize why my mom hid in the bathroom. It was just to get some alone time. I think it became a sanctuary for her, and I am pretty sure it will become mine in years to come.

How could I be so critical? I don’t even think I knew I was doing it until recently. How dare I criticize someone who is just trying their best?

Life lesson learned.

One thought on “An Honest Monologue about Criticism

  1. Yes, MacKenzie, this is one the best lessons one can learn. We really can't criticize until we walk a mile in someone's else shoes. God help us all learn that lesson well!

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