Sure…call me early in the morning.

Well, it’s been about a week since there’s been internet at the Davidson household. Frustrations aside, it’s actually been nice not to be a slave to all the emails and facebooking, but that’s not the good part. The great part is the reason WHY we don’t have internet.

Well, about 2 weeks ago we received a phone call early in the morning from the “centro assistenza”or assistance center claiming that a new law says that our internet provider is no longer able to charge more than 30E a month for internet. And all we had to do in order for this to take effect on our bill was to agree to the terms. Sounds great!!! Especially when i’ve been in and out of sleep for most the night because this was when Lily still was crying through most of the night and 6 weeks of no sleep had taken its toll on both MacKenzie and I. Well, I agreed to the terms, after a bout 10 minutes of going back and forth with the guy on the phone because it just sounded too good to be true. Well, you know what they say about those things….they usually are too good to be true! Well, Monday morning rolls around and whatya know! NO INTERNET! I preface that with saying it’s not a normal occurrence to wake up and not have internet. In fact it happens quite often. So, I decided to give it a day and see what happens. Tuesday…nothing. At this point i’m calling my provider (which is delayed because there’s nothing worse than talking to a service person in another language), however i keep getting a busy signal. Wed…no change, still busy signal. Thurs, Fri…same story.
Finally i get through on Fri and after a while i find out that essentially what I agreed to was to change my internet provider to a completely different company!!!!! Wow. yep, I got duped. Here’s your sign. However you want to say it. The only good news out of this mess is that I think i’m actually going to save $$$ in the long run. yeah!
So the moral of this story is, if you want me to say “yes” to anything, just call me early in the morning.

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