Baby Shower

All the yummy food we had. I can’t decide what was my favorite…the lemon bars or the pinwheel thingys or the maybe it was the punch

Sitting in the “mommy” seat.

Getting ready to play “who can diaper a baby the fastest”. I was second to last at around 18 seconds.

Emma waiting to hear her time.

Simona came in under 10 seconds.

Shannon, who has more practice than anyone, came in second at around 8 seconds. Notice the great camera skills. It took a lot of skill to get the camera rope in the picture too.

Diaper cake made by Shannon

Red onesies given by Emily

A cute zebra towel.

Socks that look like booties. I thought it would be funny to put them on my stomach.
I don’t know why.

Fun times.

On the way home we saw a palm tree decorated in blue lights. I think I screamed “oooh, lights!!”

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