You only turn 8 once

Yesterday was the celebration of Micah Worthy turning 8 years old! It was a grand ole time.
Apologies for the blurry photos. There are two reasons for this occurring 1) I (MacKenzie) took the pictures and 2) Blogger will not upload them in a high quality. I blame blogger more than myself.

“What? I didn’t put the balloon right in front of me.”

Micah’s yummy sugar cookie cake

Tres amigas (switched up the languages on you! HA! You never know what to expect!)

The birthday girl

I’ll telling you, this girl is designed for modeling.

The beautiful homemade pinatta that Charlie and kids spent hours making (Have NO idea how to spell pinatta)

The chaos after the beautiful, homemade pinatta was broken. Mass hysteria broke out. It’s like they had never seen candy!

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