I am sitting looking out a window in Germany at the mountains. Since a very small child my grandfather and dad had me outside in the woods or feeding the cows or planting the garden. Being outside in the quiet stillness is something that is part of my DNA – at least I feel like it is. I’d rather be hiking or sitting by a river or lake or walking through the woods breathing in the smell of the forest than anywhere else. It’s where I feel closest to God. Sometimes as I am in the middle of it all I try to picture it the way God created it in the beginning and I am overwhelmed that He allows me to see it. When I look out over His creation I get a sense of His glory.
Growing up in Mississippi I never really had the opportunity to be around mountains. Maybe that’s why I am so fascinated by them. Now, I live in a city that is more cement and people than anything else. I miss being able to walk out in the middle of nowhere with nobody around and sing or cry out or talk to God or to just be still. It’s where I feel most at home, and I owe the love I have for God’s creation to my dad and granddad. Two men who taught me to be amazed that God can bring forth fruit from a tiny seed. They helped me learn how to appreciate the beauty in a stand of pine trees and the changes of color in the leaves in fall. And as I look out over the mountains I wish they could see it and admire the handiwork of God.

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