The Worst Trip in the History of Humanity

Ok, so made it wasn’t the worst trip in the history of humanity, but it ranks in the top 5. I’m sure it’s just the fact that I’m writing this at 6:30 am central time when my body and brain think it is around 1:30 pm in Naples.
We should have known we were in for disaster when we left Naples on Thursday night. We were riding the AV train, which is a high velocity train. It is never late. Almost. Instead of leaving at 7:00 pm we left closer to 8:00pm. No big deal, trains are late all the time. We get to Rome and head out to some friends’ home who we are bumming with that night. On the way we realize we don’t have our backpack. Where is it? On the AV train headed to Bologna. Whooppee. What was in it? Our Bibles, a videocamera, an Americal cellphone, books I had borrowed from someone, and my journal that I’ve written in since we got to Italy. Great. It was a big blow and I almost started crying on the metro.
Night goes by fine other that the lost bag.
Friday morning. We get to the Rome airport at about 8:00 am. Our flight is at 10:00am. After 20 minutes of waiting we get to the desk and the nice man asks, “Where are you going?” “Atlanta to Jackson,” was the response from us. “You’re not connecting in Europe?” ask the man. “No,” we reply. “Sorry you have to go to Terminal C for flights that do not stop in Europe first,” says the man. We set out in search for Terminal C. It wasn’t too hard to find and didn’t take too long to get there. We start looking for the correct desk to check in at and are informed that we have to get on a bus and go to another Terminal C. Can’t they put up signs or something to help you out!!?? We get on the bus, go to the other place (I think it’s called Terminal 5 or something for future reference) and get into our first line of the day. I’ll summarize the rest of the Rome airport part of the story. We stood in about 4 long lines and had our passports checked at least 5 times, maybe more and were close to missing our flight, but so was everyone else. I do not like the Rome airport.
Friday, in flight. Nothing too exciting about the flight, which is good. We met a nice flight attendent who we talked to about our work. I watched 4 movies, but my brain is so jet lagged I have no idea what they were now.
Friday afternoon. We arrive in Atlanta on time and are a little bit excited about eating some food we haven’t had in a year and a half. We eat a burrito (kinda like a Moe’s or Chipotle burrito). It was soooooo good. Then we head to our gate, but Paul wants to sit in a little resturant so we can watch the Master’s. At about 6:30 pm (our flight is at 7:30 pm) I go look at the board to make sure our flight is still on time. What do I see? Jackson…cancelled. WHAT??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After waiting for confirmation that the flight is cancelled due to bad weather we head over to the Delta desk for help just like the other 15 people who were on the flight. As we’re standing in line some of us are contemplating renting a car and driving if nothing else works out. We were able to get a flight into Monroe, LA at 7:03pm. It’s 7:00pm when we are informed of this. Luckily the flight is delayed. So we run to Terminal C (what is up with all the Terminal Cs?) and get there in plenty of time. How can that be, you ask. Because the flight kept getting pushed back due to the weather. As we wait to board we meet a group of very nice men and have a very lively and entertaining conversation with them as two or three spit tobacco juice into a coke bottle. Oh, it’s good to be back in the south. We board the plane at 8:00pm and wait for awhile on the tarmac because of the weather. Two funnel clouds were spotted 3 miles from the airport. About 15 mintues after being informed of this we take off. Great. Luckily I had taken a Dramamine so I didn’t notice the shaking and lightening and rain that we flew through. Sometimes being medicated is a great thing.
We arrived in Monroe sometime close to 10:00pm I think. Oh, I forgot to mention that our luggage could not be re-routed to Monroe so my parents are having to pick it up and then bring it to us. So we have NOTHING but the clothes on our backs for the moment.
Hope you laughed a little bit at this, I did. It was either laugh or cry and I’d much rather laugh so I don’t end up all splotchy faced.

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