Back in the saddle again

Paul and I started back at the gym this week. I decided to go to aerobics classes…so off I go Wednesday. Well, Wednesday is weight day…ok, great, I think to myself. Little did I know that after the class my legs would feel like spaghetti and the next day I would not be able to so much as turn my head without pain ripping through my body. But, it gave Shannon a good laugh – well, several good laughs…
So today I went back and we were doing a “routine”. If you’ve ever done aerobics you probably know what I mean. You learn some steps and by the end of the class you have this great dance/aerobic routine. (I did it for Paul when I got home but he wasn’t really impressed with it). So, we start with nice warm-ups. “I can handle this,” I think. Then, the instructor starts teaching “steps”. At this point I am standing in the back of the room and kinda getting it. Then, a very nice woman tells me that I need to move up front so I can see better….that means up in front of everyone and right by the instructor. So, I am fumbling all over myself (but so are the old ladies). I am understanding the steps the instructor is giving out but they are not registering until the next step has been given and executed. Now, by this time I am pretty tired but feeling ok. Well, then it’s time for abs. My abs have not recovered from the previous session. But I don’t want the instructor to think the newbie can’t hack it, so I dive in. But as I sit down on my too thin mat I notice something….there is a whole in a place where there should not be a hole. “Great”,
I think. But I also think that maybe nobody will notice. I am not that lucky. During some kind of hip raise excerise thingy the instructor comes over to me because clearly I am not raising my butt off the ground correctly and stands at my feet. Well, of course she has a clear view of the hole. She didn’t say anything but I am none the less mortified. We soon finish the ab/hip/butt part of the class and go on to cool down and stretching. It was quite a day and if you had been a fly on the wall you would have laughed at my inability to follow an Italian aerobics class. But at least I wasn’t the only one having trouble….the old ladies couldn’t keep up either.

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