It’s getting cold here in Naples. I love fall because of all the things that come with it. The colors, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas songs, good food, stew, and deer hunting. No matter where I am, at this time of year I always think about deer hunting. I’ve been going hunting since I was able to walk good and my dad could find camouflage in my size. I’ve spent many a day sitting in a deer stand waiting and watching, trying not to move. I absolutely love it. There is something about sitting in the woods listening for the sound of leaves being trampled or a buck grunting. And it’s not about killing a deer, it’s more about the experience. Honestly, I am not a big fan of killing deer. I just like going. I could (and have on many occasion) just sat and watched them.
Naturally when I think about hunting I think about my dad and a few other men who always join in the hunting. We all have many stories that are not shared beyond our circle. I would spend hours on end listening to this group of men talk. I was one of the guys so to speak, so much so that at my wedding I had a row designated for these men who have been such a big part of my life.
So another year of hunting is underway. And although I am not there to join in with the stories and long walks through the woods I know it is happening and I can imagine being there.

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