After arriving at the train station Saturday night from our retreat, we knew that Napoli was having some issues with trash. However, we didn’t know exactly how bad it was. We read an article in the newspaper while we were on our retreat that said people were throwing rocks at firefighters that were trying to put out the trash fires. Sure, o.k., maybe that happened, but it doesn’t mean the entire city has gone to shreds…does it.
Well, Monday morning we discovered that the dumpsters we normally use were…well…a bit hidden under a huge pile of trash. But hey, not to worry folks, we’ve seen it almost this big before, and no one was even complaining about it. But now we have the added worries of this…
This is a picture that I took Monday morning about 50 yards from our house, on a main street in our neighborhood.
People are getting “stufo” (fed up) with the trash problem and to prove it they are setting lots of the bins on fire. And in case you’ve forgotten your 9th grade science lesson on chemicals, it’s absolutely horrible for the environment and our health.

Pray with us as we are trying to hear the Lord’s voice in how we can help those around us and ourselves with the insurmountable concerns with the trash, health, and safety issues.

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