Sphere of Influence

At our church in Fort Worth (121 Community Church) we heard a lot about “your sphere of influence”. Everyone has a sphere of influence. It’s the people around you. Are you ministering to those you see on a regular basis? Are you reflecting Christ to them? I was reading the newsletter from my lifegroup in Texas this morning and realized that is what our ministry here is based on…our sphere of influence. We live in an area with about 70,000 people in it. I don’t know if I could reach 70,000 people in my lifetime, but I can reach out to the people in my apartment complex, the women at the hair salon, and the people I am getting to know at the market. They can reach out to the people in the sphere of influence and so on and so on. It is a domino affect. When you look out over this city, you can’t help but be overwhelmed by the masses of buildings and the people who live in them. How in the world can God use me to ever do this GREAT work set out before us?? But then, you come down from that view and go have coffee with your neighbor or go to the market just to talk to the people you are getting to know and it becomes a little easier to see how God is going to use me to do this great work. It starts with our sphere of influence. So thanks to 121 Community Church and our lifegroup for instilling this principle in us before we even got here.

2 thoughts on “Sphere of Influence

  1. Hey Guys,Jonathan and I want to say hello. We will do our best to say in touch with you on a consistant basis. For now we want you to know we are both praying for you and think of you often. We love you guys and are planning to come see you soon.

  2. Love to read your news. We actually visited 121 a couple of years go around this time. We have some really good friends that go there…Matt and Meredith Coleman…he works in the media/video dept. Anyway, crazy that you may have even been there that Sunday.

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