Thanks and Praise

I was in conversation with a co-worker earlier this week about how we western Christians talk a big talk, and rarely walk a big walk. After a week of studying about the persecuted church its easy to see why there is no real physical persecution in the American church. I heard one person say this week ” One measure of church growth for churches overseas is the amount of persecution they face. If there isn’t much persection, there probably isn’t a whole lot going on in the church.” Well, no wonder we don’t have any persecution here. In most churches (not all) there IS very LITTLE going on and the only church growth we see is through church splits, rather than intentional church planting. With that being said, I’ve really had to get on my face before God this week and ask for a doing heart and not just a mouth that talks about it. That’s where the next segment comes in…

Thanks and Praise… two words that the Bible talks about consistently throughout its text, yet such little amount of our time is actually spent doing it. Well, if you would, join me in thanking our Father in Heaven for all He’s done, and Praise Him for who He is!

Father… Thank you for sending your only Son, to pay the price for me, my family, my friends and the nations. Thank you for the Christmas story. Not the one with Santa Clause, but the one where your only Son was the only baby under 2 years old to survive under Herrod’s rule. Thank you for carrying out your plan, doing what you had to do in order for your Son to fulfill the prophecies of the Messiah. Thank you for loving the world, and not just a nation named Israel. Thank you for making your love unconditional, so that even when I mess up, you still love me. Thank you for pouring out your grace, a gift that I don’t deserve, and can certainly never earn. Thank you for giving us divine appointments on our trip to D.C. Thank you for the catholic security guard who got to hear more of your truth. Thank you for our Italian waitress who was able to pray with us and thank You as being our sole provider. Thank you for allowing us to pray for the homeless man and his wife that are trying to get off the streets and hopefully get a job next week. Thank you for letting me share the truth from Your word to a homeless arab man. Thank you for letting us tell a Tunisian lady about you for the first time!

I praise You for you are the beginning and the end, you never rest, you never sleep, you are the Rock of the Ages, our Help in time of need, a mighty fortress, our provider, our shield from the enemy, our hope… our salvation. God you are good, in fact, your nature only allows you to be good, there is nothing bad in you. Praise be to YOU and YOU alone.

If this is how we are to enter into your courts on a daily basis…then I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Thanks and Praise

  1. What a beautiful “Praise and Thanks” message! I would like to add to that “Blessings” because we are so Blessed, and don’t even know it most of the time. It is also important to Bless others, so today I offer my Blessing to the two of you. May God’s purpose for your lives be fulfilled through the work you do for HIM! You’ll are “just getting your feet wet” and already you are able to share your ministry in a powerful way!May God continue to bless you and your service to Him.

  2. that is an incredible observation made. when ever i think about church growth persecution is one of the few things that I think about, but maybe it should be one of the main things. hmmm dont know, but i miss you guys and hope things are well

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