Down on da bayou

Well, what can i say? I take my wife fishing and she catches more and bigger fish than I do. I always knew she was the better half, but I figured she would let me win at least once! This past week we traveled down to Hackberry, La where my dad and grandfather have a charter service ( and caught about 25 redfish one afternoon and at least 120 trout one morning! What a weekend of fishing!

We also traveled to Houston to work on getting our Visas for Italy. So far so good and we leave for Virginia in 2 Weeks. Holy Cow!… we’re moving to Italy!

2 thoughts on “Down on da bayou

  1. Hey friends! Hope you are enjoying your time with family. We leave in exactly one week for China! We completely agree with your “Holy Cow” sentiments. Much love and blessings,Jacob and Carrie

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