Life in the "Sip"

Paul and I have been in Mississippi (aka the “sip”) for almost a month and it has been wonderful. We have helped out my parents some, gone fishing, seen some friends. Paul made his first trip to Memphis and had a blast. We ate at the best rib joint ever called the Rendevous. If you have never been it is a must when in Memphis.
We have been sick since arriving in Mississippi. It has been one thing after another, but nothing serious. It’s just enough sick to make you feel kinda lousy.
One last thing- I just read “Same kind of different as me” by Ron HIll and Denver Moore. If you haven’t read this book you must go and buy it TODAY. It is the best book I have read in a very long time. Just make sure you read the last 25 chapters by yourself.

One thought on “Life in the "Sip"

  1. This is great Mackenzie! I look forward to this information for the up coming months, for a way to keep us all informed and connected. Glad you all enjoyed your time in the “sip”. Now looking forward to you all coming to Ruston to “bark” with the rest of us. See ya soon.JD

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